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2019 Speaker lineup

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USD $800


  • Access to all interactive talks

  • Access to all workshops

  • Access to all group activities

  • All MEALS and snacks provided BY Renowned CULINARY TEAM

  • Networking Opportunity with other health Leaders

  • ongoing Membership and access to our community of wellcare experts.

USD $800

Tiered Pricing for Accommodations are AVAILABLE [booked separately]



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  • Understand how Purpose impacts wellbeing and longevity

  • Learn strategies to improve your financial health and how it impacts wellbeing.

  • Explore the importance of community safety and how it impacts individual wellbeing

  • Discover how a thriving life is constructed with sustainable and authentic practices

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Dr. Andres Zuleta MD


Andres Zuleta is a physician, entrepreneur, speaker, and global health practitioner. He practices the full range of medicine in Hawaii from Primary care to hospital medicine including critical care, and has seen thousands of patients over 4 continents. Dr. Zuleta is the Founder of Samasta Health, an online educational company. He currently has three programs; Thrive Medicine®, a virtual integrative Practitioner course that introduces scientifically proven healing modalities, and ways to embed them into clinical care, Rouge Fit®, a boot camp that addresses challenges faced by modern men. and Thrive Code ®an experiential course geared towards patient education.

In 2014 Dr. Zuleta founded Samasta Global Health, an international Nonprofit Foundation which provides tools and empowerment for wellbeing to communities in Colombia, Haiti, and Guatemala.

Dr. Zuleta divides his time between Portland, OR, and Kona, Hawaii where he and his family grow and farm boutique coffee.

Dr. Zuleta is a founding member of the Radiant Group.


Anthony Monteith B.SC


Anthony Monteith is the Author of Teaching Qi Gong Excellence and one of the last inheritors of the Jade Acupuncture System from northern China. He is a qualified Health Scientist, having graduated from Sunderland University with Honours in 1995. 
For the last 25 years Anthony has become an expert in Physical Therapy, Tuina, Acupuncture, and Qi Gong both as a therapist and as a teacher.
He has established several busy practices in Dublin, Ireland. He has regularly travelled to the orient to upgrade his expertise and hold a special interest in preserving classical medicine. 
He holds a special interest in de-mystifying the ancient exercise and medicine practices of the east, making them practical and user friendly for wellness in every household. Anthony has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses for the last 15 years both Ireland and the UK.

Anthony is a founding member of the Radiant group


Catherine McConkie CNC

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Catherine McConkie is executive chef for Washington DC’s Center for Mind Body Medicine’s Food As Medicine professional nutrition training program and chef faculty for CMBM’s comprehensive training program in partnership with Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis. She is founder of The Caregivers Table; an educational cooking program designed to nourish the well being of clinical caregivers, and creator of Come to Your Senses; custom culinary labs that integrate music, movement, and sensory awareness to help teach about food. Catherine is core faculty for the Healing Kitchens Institute at Commonweal; lead chef instructor at San Francisco General Hospital’s Wellness Center; and has worked over a decade training students in the culinary arts. 


Egwin Ertl


Egwin is the Founder of Beyond Systems, a system free approach to personal/spiritual development and movement. He teaches international workshops and retreats. Egwin is an educator and teacher of consciousness, movement and holistic development with over 27 years experience in therapy, movement, dance, sports, martial arts, energy work, medicine, meditation and personal development. His true passion is to facilitate new experiences and empower people using basic principles rather than rigid systems. Egwin promotes development matching one’s own abilities for growth and healthy conscious living.

He is a founding member of the RADIANT group.


George Gabara


George is the Founder of InflowTV and Fearless Journeys. More than once, George has had cougars howl at him--and sharks sniff his toes. He understands how and why people did what they did 500 years ago, because he's lived it. George is a country boy at heart who’s passions and expertise have taken him far and wide, from wilderness guiding on remote islands in the South Pacific, to commercial fishing on the west coast of Canada, to over a decade building large wooden structures. George has an uncanny and unconventional way of helping people discover their genius. He shares his deep knowledge of all things natural knowing that connections with wilderness is essential for building physical, spiritual and mental strength and resiliency.

George is a founding member of the RADIANT group.


John Kempf B.S. Kinesiology. CPT, USAW, CFSC, FRCms, MPI

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John Kempf is a functional strength coach, dietary specialist, yoga instructor, and founder of Kempf Fitness Professional, a holistic training platform that provides valuable coaching and education on how to improve your fitness, your health, and your overall life quality. He integrates a scientific approach to movement, nutrition, and mindfulness that focuses on balanced self-development to optimize all areas of performance for his clients.

John has a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and six additional certifications as a nationally recognized personal trainer, a sport performance and Olympic weight lifting coach, a corrective exercise and mobility specialist, a yoga instructor, and a mindset specialist. He is also a published author of two popular fitness books available on Amazon. His dream is to create positive change in the world and inspire people everywhere to live healthier, happier lives.

John has been training clients since 2009 and teaching yoga and meditation since 2013. He blends a variety of yoga techniques with his functional mobility background to teach people how to breathe and move more efficiently while connecting their mind and body to the present moment. Yoga and meditation have become essential tools in John's daily life, and he loves sharing these practices with others to bring more awareness, inner strength, and harmony into the world.



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Tierra Owen is a labor and delivery nurse and mother dedicated to helping people crack the code of work life balance. She is the founder of Nursing Ourselves, a health coaching business that empowers caregivers to realize that self-care is essential for delivering optimal care to patients and their families.

Tierra’s program focuses on self-care for nurses. Her unique multidisciplinary approach merges known nursing assessment tools with daily wellness practices. These tools help nurses maintain consistent energy, sustainable vitality, and effortless engagement to cultivate resilience at work and at home.

There is evidence that shows nurses who are disciplined in their own wellness are able to give to patients sustainably over the long term with less emotional exhaustion. Hospitals are catching up to this and many now implement staff wellness programs. Nursing Ourselves offers individual nurses, clinics, and hospitals a structured package that teaches sustainable self-care modalities to promote overall health, and delivery of care. The result is decreased sick day utilization and employee healthcare cost while improving staff efficiency and productivity.

While being an integral and intimate part of the birthing new lives, Tierra considers patients and their families to be some of her best teachers and she implements these teachings into her programs.

The Venue

The event takes place at the We Wai Kai Camp Ground on Quadra Island. 

  • Easily accessible to major airports

  • Freshly made organic food

  • Whale watching and other nature activities

  • Communal outdoor sports and classes

  • Music and Drum circles

  • Connect with We Wai Kai wisdom

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Dr Andres Zuleta is driving medicine to what it should be ‘Health care’ not ‘Sick care’ his holistic approach to teaching doctors and patients the knowledge they need about nutrition and lifestyle that will prevent illness. 
This dude is going to change the world.”
— Chef Dominic Brown, Founder of the Whole Plant
Anthony blows my mind with his in-depth understanding of the ancient healing arts of china. He is an expert at what he does, and has a overflow of positive energy to share! Probably because he practices what he teaches & does!”
— Maurice Schill, Founder of UnFrame
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Egwin is truly engaging. He will challenge the way you move and think...for the better! Systems are not the same as being systematic...move beyond the systems and free yourself!
— Lee Weiland, Founder of Pacific Rim Athletics
Mary is beyond committed to anything she takes on, her utter tenaciousness to see any task done to perfection is something I learn from and have deep respect for. This gorgeous woman is as soft as she is steely. As your leadership coach, she will leave no stones unturned till you have both reached your goals. Mary will be your powerful ally no matter what your dreams are, she will help you navigate your path with success.
— Salila Sukumaran, Founder of Ayurgamaya
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I was put in charge of delivering a “once in a lifetime” calibre experience for 8 highly experienced entrepreneurs. George listened carefully to our needs and abilities and collaborated with me to develop a great game that was tailored specifically to us. It would be a plan that would take people well off the beaten path, challenge everyone both physically and mentally and ultimately, blow everyone’s minds. George was able to deliver a program that did all that and then some! We all have many great memories, new skills and amazing photos/videos to show for it. I would highly recommend George to anyone looking to do something that falls under the ‘amazing experience’ category!
— Chris Jones –Owner –Entrix Sports

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You will get a receipt/confirmation immediately after online registration.


 What If I Purchase A Ticket But Have To Cancel? Do You Offer A Refund?

We strongly encourage you to make the decision NOW to attend the RADIANT Wellcare Summit, so mark those calendars and prepare as far in advance as possible.

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All meals are included.

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Yes, numerous breaks throughout the day that will prove to be valuable networking opportunities along with the way the event is designed.

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We do offer scholarships to the event. We open a limited amount every year, so if you are interested email us at hello.info@wellcaresummit.org 

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